Basic Detail Labtest

Specimen Volume SST (YELLOW)
Days Daily, Cut Off : 11AM
Report After 6 hrs
Test Method Biochemical
Temperature Room Temperature : 2H<br>2 to 8 Degree C : 14D<br>-20 Degree C : 30D

Associated Diseases

Kidney Disease Dialysis Patients Diabetes Hypertension Liver Disease Heart Disease Infection Kidney Stone Diarrhoea/Vomiting Kidney Infection Prostate (BPH) Cancer Chemotherapy

Why Get Tested

To evaluate kidney function; to monitor the effectiveness of dialysis and other treatments related to kidney disease or damage

When Get Tested

As part of a routine comprehensive or basic metabolic panel or when you are acutely or chronically ill with a condition that may cause or be worsened by kidney dysfunction


Test Preperation