BUN 24hrs urine (BUN 24hrs urine)

BUN 24hrs urine
BUN 24hrs urine
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Urea Nitrogen, 24 hrs Urine
Urea Nitrogen, 24 hrs Urine
Days : Daily, Cut Off : 11AM
Report : Same Day 7:30 PM
BUN Urea Nitrogen, Urine 24H
BUN 24hrs urine
Days : Daily, Cut Off : 11AM
Report : After 6 hrs
BUN 24 hrs Urine
Components not available!
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Basic Detail

Specimen 24 Hours Urine (10ml)
Test Method Daily: 8am to 3. 30pm
Report After 6 Hrs
Test method Biochemical
temperature Room Temperature : 2H;;2 to 8 Degree C : 14D;;-20 Degree C : 30D

Associated Diseases

Kidney Disease Pyelonephritis Muscle Breakdown Myasthenia Gravis

Why Get Tested

To evaluate kidney function; to monitor the effectiveness of dialysis and other treatments related to kidney disease or damage

When Get Tested

As part of a routine comprehensive or basic metabolic panel or when you are acutely or chronically ill with a condition that may cause or be worsened by kidney dysfunction


A random urine sample is collected in a clean container. For a 24-hour urine collection, all of the urine is collected for a 24-hour period. It is important that the sample be refrigerated during this time period. There should be no preservative in the container.

Test Preparation